We now have a Level 3 Accredited Practitioner trained in DBT with the Association of Psychological Therapies.

We can offer individual courses of DBT therapy and also group experiences.

DBT – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a recognised evidence based treatment for people who struggle with emotional regulation, for people who ruminate about suicide or use coping strategies like self-harm to regulate themselves.  It is a recognised treatment for people with emotionally unstable personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

DBT’s key feature is the use of acceptance strategies and CBT techniques (behavioural analysis) to address and change the problem behaviour.

Some people will need acceptance and validation of their intense emotions before they are ready to change the behaviour.

DBT is a short-term treatment and is focussed on the achievement of specific goals, as defined and agreed between the therapist and the client.

We would offer an initial assessment for £80 and follow up course of treatment £60 a session.  The usual course would be for 20 sessions.

Call us to book an appointment with our accredited DBT therapist at our Otley Practice: 01943 468443