A number of our therapists are skilled and experienced in working with Children, Young People and their families and carers.

At Wharfedale Psychology & Psychotherapy Practice in Otley we can work with young people experiencing eating disorders or engaging in deliberate self harm.

We have therapists who can help in cases of family difficulty and breakdown and with adoption and post adoption issues. Our therapists can also help children and young people deal with the effects of sexual abuse and any other traumatic events.

Some of our therapists specialise in helping with Autism.

In our assessment processes we may use creative communication techniques like drawing, games, sand trays and different communication tools in order to help children and young people feel comfortable, safe and listened to.

We can offer a range of Therapies to suit children and young people and would seek to match the ongoing therapy style with a child or young persons needs and wishes.

We can offer Art psychotherapy, Play therapy, CBT, Child psychotherapy and creative tools to enhance communication and exploration.

Please see also our Gallery for a look at the kinds of rooms we have available for this work.

art/play therapy room

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